McCall’s M6755 Skater Dress

Hiya pals! I’m back from my Turkey holiday with a whole backload of holiday clothes to share. First up is this McCall’s M6755 skater dress in a beaut duck egg waffle cotton.

Mccalls M6755 skater dress waffle jersey

This was a really fun dress to sew and it’s the first time I’ve made something so swishy! I’ve always stayed away from circle skirts because something in my head tells me they’re not flattering, but I think as this waistband is slightly gathered it helps a bit.

Mccalls M6755 skater dress waffle jersey

I made a straight size L from the packet which works find although I found that because of the low back the straps went really wide on my shoulders making them appear broader than they actually are which I definitely DON’T need. To fix this I added a small tube of fabric between the straps at the back to pull them in a bit and it works a treat! I think it also adds quite a nice design detail to the back of the dress. I we were in a bit of a rush to meet my family before dinner one night so I didn’t manage to get a picture of it on but Elsa is doing a lovely job of modelling it now.

Mccalls M6755 skater dress waffle jersey

This was probably my favourite dress to wear on holiday because it was really cool. Also the waffle cotton is a suitcase pro – no amount of smushing between toilet bags will crush this stuff.

Mccalls M6755 skater dress waffle jersey

I left the hem unfinished because I liked the way it looked without adding any bulk and weighing it down. The neckline and armholes are turned under and then twin stitched down using a pretty spot-on colour matching thread which pleases me more than it should! I’m calling this a definite big win for my summer wardrobe and I can’t wait to break this dress out again if/when then nice weather decides to show up in Glasgow!


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  1. This is absolutely lovely and you look great in it. What a genius save for the wide shoulder strap issue too, it make a nice back feature

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