Floral Circle Skirt Fail

More holiday clothes! I decided I couldn’t possibly go on holiday without a floral circle skirt so I set about it using some cotton drill fabric from eBay… Unfortunately the end result isn’t exactly what I pictured in my mind…

floral circle skirt fail

(Pause for laughter at my ‘mad/sad’ face).

Not. Feeling. It. Not feeling it AT ALL.

In fact I never even wore it on holiday so these photos were taken in my garden infront of the grubby bike shed the other night. I think my shape just does not suit the whole waistband/circle skirt combo (definitely need some gathers to find my waist which I promise is there somewhere).

floral circle skirt fail

That print though. Thankfully I definitely have enough of this fabric left to make something completely new so all is not lost!

Even though the end product is a no-go, I actually really loved making this skirt. I wanted a really professional finish so I took my time and I’m actually really proud of the sewn garment. Mostly because I actually used French seams to finish the insides… So fancy!

I used the same pattern as my M6755 skater skirt and then just drafted a waist band which worked pretty well as the drill has a fair bit of give to it. I just wish I had remembered to interface the waistband! It’s ok when I first put the skirt on but after a bit of wear the waist starts to go a bit droopy which makes it even more unflattering if possible.

floral circle skirt fail

There was a bit of a fiasco with the zip which I am demonstrating terribly in the above picture. I had originally inserted a perfectly concealed invisible zip but just as I was finishing it off, one side of the zip ripped which caused the pull to get stuck. Did I have another invisible zip on hand? Of course I didn’t. After a bit of ugly crying I decided to just go with a normal zipper on the side as it was like 2 days before we were due to leave and I had no time to faff around. Unfortunately this looks awful – all bumpy and shit. Really if I was going for this kind of zip it should be at the back where at least I wouldn’t be able to see it but the thought to unpicking my beautiful French seams nearly drove me into another fit of fugly tears so it is what it is.

floral circle skirt fail

So what will become of my floral circle skirt? I might try a full scale salvage operation by unpicking the waistband and interfacing it, inserting a new invisible zip and shortening the length a bit more. Or it might just be destined for the charity shop. TBC…


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