A Couple of Bodycon Skirts

More holiday wardrobe goodness in the from of handmade bodycon skirts!

handmade skirts

I have to say I wore the hell out of these when I was away. They work well as a casual dinner outfit, daytime wandering skirt or easy beach cover-up. The best bit, though, is that they were an absolute breeze to make! There was no need for a pattern, I just took an old jersey skirt which I’ve had forever and traced it onto my new fabric (including a 1/2 inch seam allowance of course). Once the front and back was sewed together, I measured the circumference of the waist, took off 3 inches and cut a waistband to that length using the same fabric as the band of my Nettie off-the-shoulder-dress.

handmade skirt 2handmade skirt 1

The waistband has to be stretched slightly to fit the circumference of the skirt, but this gives the thing a snug fit. Unfortunately for the one above things went a bit awry due to the fabric being terribly off grain! The waistband is actually the same depth all the way around, but you can see where the fabric wobbles a bit at the top right-hand side. It’s very noticeable in the pictures but I’ve been assured not so in real life so I’m just going with it.

The top one is made from waffle jersey and the 2nd is viscose jersey. The waffle gave a better end result but the viscose is cooler to wear in the heat! I wore both of them with a simple black tank and a pair of beaut wedges which I got from the Kurt Geiger outlet in Livingston the morning before we hopped on the plane. I love them so much that it only made sense to get them in nude too 🙂

skirt 1 hem skirt 2 hem

The guts of the skirts are pretty basic. All of the seams are pinked to take out some of the bulk and both skirts are hemmed with a twin needle. The zig-zag basting on the waistband works as a rudimentary finish there too. I think it took me all of 90 minutes to cut, sew and hem both skirts! Instant gratification sewing at its finest.



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