A Scuba Moneta

My love affair with Colette patterns continues… Introducing a scuba Moneta to add to my collection (you can see the others here, here and here).

scuba moneta

I really do love this pattern – it’s basically all I wear to work. Secret pyjamas for the win! That’s one of the things I love about this pattern, that it’s so customisable. This one is a little bit different, not only because it’s in this aubergine scuba fabric from Mandors in Glasgow, but because I kept the gathers to the back of the skirt and made pleats for the front.

scuba moneta back gathers

Unfortunately my photographer was in a bit of a rush so we didn’t quite manage to capture the pleats, but they’re there! Gathering this fabric makes it quite bulky which wasn’t very flattering around my tum! The pleats add a nice detail instead while the gathers at the back still give the skirt a lovely flow.

I also decided to try a bound neckline for this version. This was pretty straightforward – I just cut a strip of the scuba fabric the same length as the circumference of my neckline minus 3 inches. This strip was then folded in half, joined at the ends to make a circle and then stretched slightly while sewn to the neckline. A bit of a different finish for a Moneta but I like it!

scuba moneta neckline

I left the skirt un-hemmed because I quite like the way it sits and didn’t want to mess about with it when the fabric won’t fray if I just leave it. I also chopped about 6 inches off the bottom as I wanted this to be a more ‘going out’ frock. The shorter skirt is probably less appropriate with bare legs for work, but I think I can make it work with tights in the winter. All in all this is a cute little number that I feel great in. Lets hear it for the ever adaptable Moneta!

scuba moneta purple


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  1. Oh my goodness I think i’ve fallen in love with your blog! I’ve found some scuba fabric but no blog posts on a suitable dress I can make with it, now I’ve found yours and I can’t stop looking at your other makes now! Good job 🙂

    1. Oh Jess what a lovely comment! That honestly means so much 🙂 So glad you like my blog, I’ve been absent for a while so this is just lovely to come back to!

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