Quilting for Cheats

If you’re a legit quilting aficionado then look away now as this post will only offend you. I’m all about finding shortcuts when it comes to certain crafts, and anything that can shorten the amount of work on a quilting project sounds excellent to me! I’m pretty much down with the patchwork aspect of making a quilt, there’s not much to be done to cut down on work other than using some pretty nifty tools, but when it comes to actually quilting the thing I come out in a cold sweat. The problem is that I LOVE the look of quilted patchwork so after a bit of searching I’ve found the solution – quilting for cheats, if you will. Meet my secret weapon.

FMQ secret weapon

Yes it’s the KRÅKRIS blanket from Ikea. Again, if you’re a proper quilter please forgive me for what I’m about to say… I don’t use proper batting/wadding for my quilts. I use blankets from Ikea! Guys, wadding is expensive so when I can get something that does the job for £1.50 I’m gonna jump at the chance. I’ve used these blankets for 4 quits to date and never had an issue. However, the price isn’t the only reason I prefer these little gems. Notice the pattern on the blanket?


Doesn’t that look suspiciously like a FREE MOTION QUILTING design? Oh yes it’s as easy as following the grey lines. I can attest that this gives a lovely quilted effect to your projects. It’s also a really good way to try out free motion quilting (FMQ) and get used to the movements. You still need a FMQ foot for your machine and the ability to lower your presser feet but I think most machines have those options now.

FMQ using KRÅKRIS blanket ikea

Here you can kind of see the design on this Christmas WIP that’s been on the go since October. Apparently even with time-saving cheats I still struggle with finishing things.

christmas quilt

The KRÅKRIS blanket is really an excellent tool if you’re just dipping your toe into the quilting waters and I can’t recommend it enough for wadding. I’m by no means a proper or even good quilter but I can put together a pretty decent blanket now and I owe it all to this little trick!


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