Project Linus Submissions

Last month I posted about getting involved with Project Linus (read more about that here) and now the time has come to send off my squares! I’m really pleased with how the rest of them have turned out so I thought I would share them with you like-minded folks 🙂

project linus

Total cliché, but I couldn’t resist appliquéd teddy bear squares! I did a selection in blue and pink which completely went against my gender-neutral persuasion but ho-hum, these are not for my fictional children shudders.

image image

I managed to use only things from my stash which pleased my a great deal! It was ace to use up all the little bits I had lying around and creating new blocks every time is so creatively satisfying.

In total I have 6 squares to send to Toria and I hope that they make their way onto a cherished quilt for a little one in need. I’ve really enjoyed taking part in this square submission for such a good cause. To find out more about Project Linus and to get involved visit the UK chapters website.


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