Jersey Bettine Dress

Attention readers: I need to draw your attention to possibly the easiest knit dress pattern that I’ve ever seen. The weird thing is… It’s not actually a pattern drafted for knits… Let me explain. Last week, Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons decided to showcase a new take on her newest pattern, the Bettine dress. Drafted for woven material, I liked the shape of the pattern but I’m still in the middle of a deep love affair with all things stretchy so I didn’t pay it much attention. THEN, Tilly released an almost-tutorial on how the pattern would work in a knit and I did a double take, quickly followed the love heart eyes emoji face. 3 minutes later I was printing out the PDF. Less than a day after that I had a my very own jersey Bettine dress.

jersey bettine dress

Technically I made this as a test run to tide me over until some VERY EXCITING things came in the post so I didn’t pay any attention to pattern placement. This fabric is some weird mix that I bought without really thinking a year ago and has been sitting in my stash ever since. Very happy to have found a use for it and actually quite like wearing it!  It’s just sheer luck that the stripes are match up on the top and skirt, although this phenomenon only occurs on the front of the dress… Case in point, the sleeve:

bettine dress

… And back…

bettine dress

Laughably bad, but you know what? I don’t really mind too much! This frock has been firmly labelled as a work dress and as I spend most of my day plonked at my desk sitting on a high-backed, no one really has a look at the back!

I mentioned that this dress was incredibly easy to put together. For this version there are 3 pattern pieces in total: Front bodice, Back bodice and a skirt piece which is te same for the front and back. Tilly suggests that you finish the neckline with a band and I whole-heartedly agree as it gives a lovely finish to this style.


I finished the sleeves and hem off with a lightening bolt stitch as my twin needle was playing up bit time. For some reason it was completely skipping the stitches on the outside needle. I tried again on a few different layers of the same fabric and it seemed to work fine on a single layer but any thickness after that was a no-go. This jersey is very light-weight so I don’t think that’s an issue. Any advice fellow sewists?

image image


Anyway, the only adjustment I really made was to slim down the hip curve of the skirt as it just poofed out on me at all the wrong areas. I imagine this would be lovely on those lovely hour-glass ladies but for this ‘apple’ it does no favours. I will also point out that this may be a smidge short for the taller female as at 5ft on the dot, turning the hem up twice gave me the perfect length which hits just above the knee.

jersey bettine dress


I’ll definitely be making up this pattern again soon, although probably not in such an obvious pattern! I’m envisioning a whole collection of jersey Bettine’s to see me through the autumn!


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      1. Definitely, I got a striped dress from Asos which was just as mismatched. I ended up sending back cause it was too short for me though

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