Adventures in Overlocking

I turned 25 last week and I didn’t take it well.


There was one little glimmer of hope that got me through the day… I got to spend my birthday playing with my very own OVERLOCKER! Yep, I took the day off work to spend time getting acquainted with the new love in my life, the Janome 9300DX, and it was the start of a beautiful friendship. I needed a project to work on and it just so happened that Ian was taking me out for a birthday meal that night so I needed something quick and satisfying to make for the occasion. I also decided to donate to the Made Up Initiative hosted by Karen of Did you Make That?ย which gave me another excuse to pull something together lickity-split. The first pattern that popped into my head was another version of the off the shoulder Nettie by Closet Case Files, but this time with a circle skirt. I pulled some red jersey from my stash and a couple of hours later I had myself a new frock!

closet case files nettie off the shoulder skater dress

I think the Nettie is one of my favourite patterns because of how customisable it is! It works perfectly with the circle skirt from McCalls M6755 (which I made earlier this year.) The only thing I’m not totally sold on about this dress is the colour. I don’t actually own anything red so I’m not sure why I pictured this dress like I did. I’ve always been of the opinion that I’m too pale to wear red and looking at that picture, I think I might be right. Also I need my roots done. Sake.

Anyway the dress is great, fits really well, yadda yadda yadda… What I really want to talk about is my adventures in overlocking. I was fairly intimidated by it when I first pulled it out the box. As I mentioned, it was a birthday gift from my parents but I ordered it myself from Sewing Machines Direct which I the same place I bought my sewing machine from last year. I absolutely cannot fault the service of that website. I chose to have the machine delivered to the local shop so I could pick it up rather than miss the delivery and have to traipse to the depot 100 miles away. I bought it on the Friday and it was delivered on the Monday afternoon! The overlocker even came with 14 cones of thread and a big pack of scissors to sweeten the deal, and it was even pre-threaded!

Being a total overlocker noob, I actually watched the instructional DVD which came with the machine several times. I gave it a whirl with the pre-threaded cones and then decided to bite the bullet and have a go at re-threading it. Thankfully the instructions were brilliant and I managed to get it the first time around! With the machine set up with red thread, I whizzed through my dress in absolutely no time at all. The thing didn’t even touch my regular machine as I left the hem and sleeves unfinished. Even attaching the neckband on the overlocker was super simple, albeit I could do with a bit more practice keeping my seam allowances even.

So now that I’ve joined the overlocker army I can’t wait to make all the things!! I want to play about with rolled hems, flatlock stitch and the gathering foot attachment too. Unfortunate I have to wait on the fabric arriving so in the meantime I’ll just be admiring how good my matching machines look in my craft room. swoon

janome smd3000 and janome 9300DX



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  1. I think red looks gorgeous on you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the dress. Congrats on the new overlocker. Looks sew pretty next to your sewing machine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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