Muscat Manor: Guest Bedroom Mood Board

Coral. Give me all the Coral.

Bright paints of coral reeves

No not that coral… I’m talking paint. That beautiful pinky-red hue which has me all of a flutter! I should probably have my mind on wedding plans but I simply can’t stop thinking about decorating my new house. We finally have an estimated move-in date of the 1st of April and you know that it’s gonna come round in a heartbeat! I’m having a little but of a mind block when I try and think of designs for every other room in the house, except the spare room. The room itself will only have 1 function for the foreseeable as Ian and I decided that it might be a nice idea to share the larger 2nd bedroom as our office/craft room. Therefore the guest bedroom will be just that – a luxurious and pretty room for our friends and family to stay in when they visit. I think that’s why I’m finding it so easy to plan a decorating scheme because I don’t have to compromise on the design. We’ve specified that we want the base colour on the walls to be a mint green with blue undertones and I just can’t stop thinking that coral is the most prefect complementary colour to it. The more I see the two together, the more I love it! Cue the guest bedroom mood board!

coral and mint bedroom mood board

I think a white bed with beautiful bedding and loads of pillows is something that I MUST have in here. I think the rest of the furniture will also be white with gold accents. I’m currently on the hunt for rug inspiration and I think just simple grey printed curtains will be enough for the window.

I can totally see this room being my little oasis. There will be a dormer window and the roof is slanted in this room so I’m also toying with putting in a reading nook of some sort. This will either involve the most comfortable chair I can find or a massive mound of pillows and beanbags. So to sum up – SUPER excited to move in and sate my coral desires!


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