DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Jigsaw

WEDDING CHAT! I had the very exciting task of asking some of my favourite ladies to be my Bridesmaids/Maids of Honour this weekend. Being me, I wanted to do something a bit special and definitely make them work for it. I was in Tiger one day and spotted blank jigsaws and I thought that would be a fun idea! After a bit of crafting I had a DIY bridesmaid proposal jigsaw and I’m just as pleased as punch with how they turned out.

will you be my bridesmaid proposal jigsaw DIY

They were so easy to create! I bought 5 blank jigsaws from the Tiger store in Glasgow – 1 for each maid and 1 to practice. I also bought a cheap watercolour paint set from the same shop, as well as some black acrylic paint. With the watercolours, I simply painted splodges and splatters of pink, yellow and orange on the blank jigsaw and waited for it to completely dry. Then I printed off the words ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ on some heavy card and used a craft knife to cut our the letters to make a stencil. Using washi tape, I stuck the stencil to the dry jigsaw and then used the black acrylic paint over the top, making sure to keep the stencil in the exact position at all times to avoid smudges. Once the letters were all dry, I broke up the jigsaw and placed the pieces along with the backing board in a small handmade pouch (taking the DIY to extremes, people) tied with a big gold bow.

will you be my bridesmaid proposal jigsaw DIY

I couldn’t just leave it at the jigsaw so I decided to put together a little package including a handwritten note for each girl, some of my favourite sweets and an individual bottle of wine complete with a straw. It’s class all the way with this bride…

will you be my bridesmaid proposal kit

All of this was popped in a storage box from Ikea which I decorated with some dots punched out from the same paper at the cards. The theme of my wedding may or may not be gold…

will you be my bridesmaid proposal kit

will you be my bridesmaid proposal kit

All the girls said yes once they had finally put together the jigsaw. Apparently puzzles become more of a challenge when you haven’t completed one since being a toddler! I’m so pleased to have one thing ticked off my ever expanding list. Now to get Ian’s butt in gear to ask the Grooms-men!


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