DIY Selfie Wall

We had a bit of a do on Halloween to celebrate our engagement with our extended family so obviously that called for the creation of a DIY selfie wall. It was a great addition to the party, was so easy to make and cost all of £7! Supplies:

  • Crepe Paper – 2 sheets of black and 2 of white.
  • Gold Foil Strands (I got mine from Ikea back in May for 25p a packet).
  • A large piece of cardboard to act as your background
  • A smaller piece of cardboard for the sign.
  • Black and gold poster paint
  • Sticky Tape
  • Some garden wire to hang it all up

We shall start with the sign…DIY selfie wall sign

I cut the corners off my smaller cardboard rectangle to give my sign a nicer shape and then painted it black. I then took my gold paint and drew the outline of the sign and then painted the words… Pretty straight-forward and not very neat, but this was a last-minute addition which was successfully thrown together the night before the party!

We made the backdrop by taping strands of cut-up crepe paper to the larger piece of cardboard and separating each row with a layer of gold foil tinsel. All that was left to do was to hand it up on the back door and BAM… A DIY selfie booth! Here it is in action.

diy selfie booth

diy selfie booth

Some of the photos we have from our party are fantastic simply because of this wall. We also had a box of props which you can see being well utilised by my mum and I above! I know it’s quite popular to have a photobooth at your wedding but I quite like the thought of having a selfie station instead, and it’s a fraction of the cost! I’ll leave you with one last picture of me because I spent a crap-tonne of time on my hair and make up as the Bride of Frankenstein and I think I look fierce.

check that contour though.
check that contour though.



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