December Daily

Ooh-cha Beastie! I’m taking my scrapbooking obsession to a whole new level this month and participating in December Daily where I scrap every day for the whole month! This excites me to no end as I love both Christmas and Scrapbooking, and this is definitely the month where there’s a lot going on!

december daily title card 2015

I’ve decided to use a small 4×4 album which I picked up earlier in the year by We are Memory Keepers but I have purchased a few special things to make my album all the more festive. I thought it would be a good idea to make up a bit of a kit that I could have on hand, ready to go for the whole month so that I’m not raking about for supplies every day. This also means that my scrapbook will have 1 general colour scheme running through it for the whole month which will make it a bit more cohesive.

Most of these supplies are from Hobbycraft which I bought during their Black Friday sale weekend – can’t beat 20% off the entire store! I’ve checked their website and most of the thing aren’t there but I’ve tried to link to as many things as possible so if you see something you fancy, I’m making your crafty shopping that bit easier. Call me an enabler πŸ™‚

december daily scrapbooking kit

I’ve put the whole December Daily kit together in a small carry folder so it’s easy to grab when I have a minute to update the album. For photos, I’ve just decided to print them at home to save me having to go to boots every few days. Thankfully my printer is pretty good for photos – it’s a HP Photosmart 6520eΒ if you’re interested!

As we’re well into December now, I’ll leave you with a peek at some of the completed days πŸ™‚

december daily title card 2015december daily title card 2015imadecember daily title card 2015edecember daily title card 2015december daily title card 2015december daily title card 2015


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  1. Ahh! You are doing December Daily! I have wanted to do this for so long and totally forgot about it again this year! Next year I need to be more organised! I love your layouts so far too. I love how it looks nice and simple to keep up with too with a photo for each day. I am determined to actually start Project Life next year too and not get so far behind that I give up like this year! Doh!
    You have kept me eager to start in January with your lovely updates so fingers crossed!
    Merry Christmas lovely – and happy birthday Boldly Gold on the 7th, blog twinnie!!! πŸ˜€

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