Christmas Planning

One of the things I like most about decorative planning is the opportunity to use themed stickers in weekly layouts. With Christmas a mere week away, I thought I would show you some of my Christmas planning spreads.

christmas planning decorative planning with christmas stickers weekly spread

The first week in December called for a cutsey red and green theme with Christmas character stickers! I print and cut my own stickers by hand and I can’t tell you how time-consuming it was to cut these guys out but I just couldn’t resist! This set is from one of my favourite printable Etsy Shops – Farye Plans. Her prices are amazing for number of pages that you get! For 3 individual A4 printable files it was only £1.62!!  This layout if definitely my preferred one. I like to have the top and middle boxes dedicated to my day job (Monday to Friday) and the bottom box is for my personal plans. The weekend is always just a bit of fun and I usually just write the main thing I’m up to that day as more or a memory keeping exercise.

christmas planning decorative planning with christmas stickers weekly spread

Week 2 was a really lovely theme using the Peppermint Mocha printable set from HappyMailDesigns. You can tell I took these photos during week 1 as looking back now there is A LOT more pen covering these pages! I know my weeks look a bit frivolous with all the stickers but I really do use my planner on an almost hourly basis when I’m at work. It keeps my brain on track and also brings a great deal of colour into my not so colourful day.
christmas planning decorative planning with christmas stickers weekly spread

In week 3 we have a red, green and gold thing going on. The patterns here are a bit busy for me and I had to go back in and add some plain boxes so that I could actually see what I had on that week. I really like the ‘To Buy’ stickers though… Pretty appropriate for this time of year! These are actually 2 separate printable sticker sets specifically for the MAMBI planner from Scrapcraftastic on Etsy

christmas planning decorative planning with christmas stickers weekly spread

This is the last Christmas-themed week I have and I was saving this particular sticker set especially for it! I love how traditional the colours are and as I’m working all the way up until Christmas Day, I do need space to actually write in my planner this week! The stickers are a free Printable from Cute Daisy and I added some washi tape from Sainsburys.

It feels really good to finally have a planner set-up which works with my life and I’m pretty chuffed that I have it good-to-go for starting the new year. I’m not really one for resolutions but I definitely think I’ll be sticking with decorative planning in 2016.


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