Are flower crowns still a ‘thing’? I hope so because I’m ALL OVER IT right now!

flower crown 1

Gingerlily were kind enough to send me a crafty pack full of silk flowers and other bits and bobs to let my creativity run wild. They are gearing up for the imminent approach of the Chelsea Flower Show and the minute I seen the white roses… I knew my project would have to be a DIY flower crown!

Never having made a flower crown before, I had a quick look around Pinterest to see if I could pick up any tips and tricks. The good news – flower crowns are super easy to make! You can throw anything at it and it looks amazing! Encouraged by this, I gathered my supplies and set to work.

flower crown supplies

For this flower crown, I used:

  • Floral wire
  • 22 gauge Jewellery Wire
  • a glue gun
  • some silver beads (small and large)
  • a length of white ribbon
  • some pliers
  • wire cutters
  • selection of silk flowers

I started by measuring my head and looped the wire round twice, twisting it together to give me a strong base. Then I wrapped the crown in the the white ribbon, securing the ends with hot glue.

flower crown step 1

From there, I took my jewellery wire and started placing the flowers. This was the most fiddly bit, but some planning and patience goes a long way. Take the flower bud, hold it against the crown and wrap the jewellery wire around to secure. Continue adding in flowers along the length of the crown, securing with the wire as you go.

flower crown flowers

To add in the beads, I just threaded them onto the end of the wire and twisted them round the crown to separate the flowers. I think this gives the whole thing such a nice effect an adds a bit of sparkle.

diy flower crown added beads

flower crown with silver beads

I’m really pleased with the final result. Not ashamed to say that I have a bit of a prance around my garden while wearing it feeling like quite the flower child. I can see many more flower crowns in my future! Thanks again to Gingerlily for the supplies – check out their website for the most beautiful silk bedding!


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