Our New House!

Holy crap. I’m a homeowner.


Side note – It was a funny couple of months leading up to the move. I was in a state of constant limbo – not wanting to start a new project because I knew it would have to be packed away eventually, not that I even could if I wanted to. My whole creative brain packed its bags and took an extended holiday. I’m very glad to report that we are now back in business! My neuroses are under control and the creative juices are flowing.

So, we closed the deal for the house in August 2015 and waited so long to get into our home. Then found out there would be an additional 3 week delay which almost killed me. We got there eventually and have been happily living there for 7 weeks now! It’s a 3 bedroom, south-facing, detached beauty in Uddingston and I’m still in a constant state of shock that we actually own it. I took some quick snaps the day before we moved in for posterity.

the en-suite bathroom
My favourite part – the kitchen! It’s a beauty.

And of course, the door.


I can now proudly say that we have a door number. It’s all very exciting.

Previously, we had always lived in furnished, rented accommodation so there was never a need for us to buy any of our own furniture. Unfortunately that now means that we need EVERYTHING. We currently have 1 sofa (there should be 2 – it’s a whole thing and causes me great anxiety), a TV unit, the most comfortable bed in South Lanarkshire, a selection of desks (CRAFT ROOM) and a coffee table. I know the rest will come with time, but the urge to go and blow a bomb on everything all at once is strong.

As it is a new build, we got to choose all the fittings like carpets, tiles, kitchen cabinets and even wall colours. We didn’t really appreciate how much of a help this was until we finally moved in and realised everything else that we had to buy! Not having to worry about replacing/adding flooring or turfing the garden is such a relief. There are a few little changes we would like to make down the line but we now have the luxury of time. I’m absolutely thrilled with how it’s turned out and now we can truly make our mark on the place.


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