DIY Bridal Hair Vine

I have 100001 other things I could be getting up to right now but instead I spent some time recently learning how to bead. I need another craft like I need a gaping hole in my tiny brain but there I was, getting tied into knots with jewellery wire and poking myself in the hand with pliers. It wasn’t a complete disaster though! I did manage to make something that resembles my initial inspiration … A bridal hair vine.

diy rose gold bridal hair vine

So I know I’m not getting married for another 16 months (465 days, but who’s counting) but this idea kept bobbing about my brain and I just wanted to see if it was something I could make. I first seen the idea on Pinterest (obviously) and sourced the image back to a company based in Australia. Taking into account shipping and taxes, getting a hair vine made by them would cost me close to £500… I know wedding stuff is expensive but spending that much on a piece for my hair is completely out of the question! Thankfully I really like my first attempt so I’ll definitely be making one myself for my wedding.

diy rose gold bridal hair vine

This version was just a test as I’ve never attempted to make jewellery before. For the real deal I’ll probably do it in silver with pearl accents but I wanted to make a copper version because I’m actually obsessed with that colour right now! It’s a lot smaller than the one for the wedding too. For the real deal I’ll be looking to make it about 20 inches long and this one is only 7… Gonna need a lot of wire!


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I am a Marketing professional by day and a nifty crafter and DIY'er by night. Join me as I indulge in all of my (many) past times!

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  1. So, I have essentially the same situation going on, but I’m getting married in August! I’m looking to make one too and your first attempt is actually pretty perfect! Show me how!

    1. Thank you! Well funny you should say that because I’ve been thinking about making a video tutorial and sticking it on YouTube. Do you think that would be helpful?

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