Identity Crisis

I’m gonna get real with you guys for a second… I’m having an identity crisis. A blog identity crisis. To say I love writing this blog is a massive understatement! I freaking love this place and the creativity it allows me. Over the past 18 months of its existence it has changed as much as […]

Christmas Countdown: Christmas Traditions

Today I want to talk about Christmas traditions. Christmas is kind of a big deal in my family. Not only do we go over the top with presents, we have a huge Christmas Day meal and also a HUGE Boxing Day meal. Our houses are kitted out with twinkly lights and massive Christmas trees, and […]

I love College (A Nostalgic Ramble)

I have been in such a nostalgic mood this past week. It may be due to moving house, but I think the most likely cause is that it’s that time of year that students head back to, or start, University. I’ll just say it right now: My 4 years at Uni were the best 4 […]

August Birchbox Review

warning: this will be a long one I am a bad lady and never posted a July Birchbox review… BUT THERE’S A REASON. I felt that all I talked about was Birchbox this and Birchbox that, which is all well and fine, but this blog is about more than beauty products. We here be crafters […]

Summer Heat Wave Saviours

Well I don’t know about you but this heat wave we’re having in the UK is KILLING ME. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sunshine and I’m making full use of having a convertible, but I really need a holiday from this heat. For the past month I haven’t been able to escape it. […]

The Saturdays Can’t Find a Gentleman (apparently)

A gentleman is so 1995, so hard for a girl to find A real husband is so 1999, so hard for a girl to find (What) Cause most guys just hit it and quit it And then they wonder why most girls just spit it A gentleman is so 1995, so hard for a girl […]