Scrapbook Embellishment Storage

HEY YOU GUYS! You know how last week I shared the way I’m currently storing my main project life supplies? Well, I was challenged to come up with a creative storage solution in my house by Space Station so today I’m sharing my scrapbook embellishment storage system! I have to say, craft organisation is my jam. […]

Project Life Organisation

So Project Life has basically taken over my actual life and I simply don’t give a damn – I LOVE IT! Honestly never thought I would be one for properly scrapbooking but how wrong I was. I have to say that this obsession has a lot to do with how simple Project life makes things, […]

Embossed Label Maker

I have a new tool to share with you! As part of my Project Life obsession and my quest to own ALL THE THINGS, I have acquired quite an obscure tool. May I present the embossed label maker. My love for labeling things knows no bounds so when I seen this listed on NotOnTheHighStreet it […]

Mail Organiser

We have a problem in our house with mail. It’s EVERYWHERE and it’s driving me mental. The majority of our bills are electronic but for some stupid reason the gas and electricity company that we use insist on sending at least 2 copies of every bill! It’s infuriating! There’s paper everywhere and for a girl […]

Handy Tip 103: How To Store Christmas Lights

Christmas officially ended in the Bold household last weekend. The tree came down, all of the decorations were packed up and now my loft is bursting to the seams with Christmas cheer. I absolutely hate de-Christmassing my house but this year my mood was especially bad because once all of the red and gold goodness […]

Boldly Gold is now on Facebook!

Yessireee, I have finally given in to the fact that every successful blog needs to have a Facebook presence.  If I want to make this self hosting malarky happen I need to grow my audience, yo! So why have I only just joined Facebook as a blogger? Well I always knew that if I crossed that […]

Christmas Countdown: Progress Update

We’re nearly there! I can’t believe that I’ve managed to blog for 18 consecutive days (with another 7 to go)! You know what this means? It’s exactly 1 week until Christmas! With that in mind I thought today’s post would be a sort of progress report. So far I have bought the majority of my […]

Chritsmas Countdown: Christmas Planner

WELCOME TO MY COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS!! If you’re joining us for the first time, welcome! It’s lovely to have you here and what better time to visit than the most festive time of the year. I’m Amy and my blog, Boldly Gold, has been transformed into a winter wonderland! I’m so very excited for Christmas […]

Linen Cupboard Organisation

This house is very slowly coming together! I still feel like there is a permanent mess all around me but I did manage to finish one organising project – the linen cupboard! When we first moved in I knew that this linen cupboard would have to have several functions. Firstly, it would have to store […]