Colette Wren Dress

I’ve been sewing! After wearing myself out over the summer I didn’t make a single thing for 8 whole weeks. It was actually quite refreshing so when I was ready to go back to it, I jumped in with a great deal of enthusiasm. My return was actually prompted by 2 patterns; the release of […]

Handmade Summer Wardrobe

Soooo.. I know it’s only March but I’m starting to pull together my holiday wardrobe! What can I say? When you’re planning to make everything you need plenty of time to get your act together. As of last Thursday I have 3 trips planned this summer; one to Turkey with Ian and my family for […]

Sewing at The Stitchery and a bit of Reflection

Totally late to the party with sharing this but a couple of Saturday’s ago I popped along to The Stitchery in Glasgow for a day of sewing with some other local(ish) bloggers. I’ve been to a couple of these meet-ups but this is the first time the physical act of sewing was involved. Kerry expertly […]