Weekday Doticure!

Just a quickie for now! Gave myself a wee Doticure to do me for the next two days! I used Essie’s Mint Apple Candy and Lilacism and a medium sized dotting tool to get this effect. This was just a quick and easy mani i did whilst catching up on my new favourite obsession – The Mentalist. Love the word Doticure more than I can say! Enjoy!





When life hands you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry nails.

I was skeptical. How can dipping your nails in a pot of fluff be at all appealing? Well… It is.

After trying out this mani I can confirm that I’m a HUGE fan of fur effect nails! MUA have recently brought out their own version and after their impressive take on caviar nails, I decided to try it out! I used the colour Boo Boo Fluff (I think) with a blue polish underneath by Barry M.
It’s very simple, and quite fun to do! Simply paint a coat of the polish (I would recommend 2 coats if your polish is a bit thinner – the one I used was pretty thick), and quickly sprinkle the fur over the wet nail. There are a few ways to get the fur out of the pot bit I found the easiest to be removing the plastic filter and then sprinkling it over the lid to catch any excess. I then tapped of the excess fluff into the pot and tidied up with a fan brush! Simples!


Anyway I am a big fan of this mani and will def do it again! May even invest in some other colours!

Fun time with the Besties!

The most difficult thing about moving somewhere new is not having the comfort of your friends around you. I found this to be so difficult to deal with when I moved to Paisley. Thankfully I have 2 very bestest friends who I can always count on so I invited them over for a sleepover. Here they are…


Kelso and Robdog
I met Rob one fateful day in Primary 1 and the rest they say is history. Kel came along a bit later in our first year of High School. Together we make the best kind of threesome. Over time other friends came and went but the three of us were the only constant. We started to call ourselves Nitrogen because of our unbreakable triple bond. Even in this post-uni phase we can pick up exactly where we left off. I love these two assholes like the sisters I have always wanted and I wouldn’t have them any other way.







Caviar Nails

I have been meaning to try this out for AGES! I bought the MUA constellation in Pieces before Christmas and I never found the chance to use it until today. For those of you who are not aware of MUA, it is a brand of makeup found at Superdrug which makes products at affordable prices. Recently they have started a a line of nail products including a range of polishes and nail art treatments. This post focuses on the Constellation collection, in particular the colour Pieces.


This is MUA’s answer to the Ciate caviar nails manicure set. It is simply a little bottle filled with tiny little balls in a pink, gold and turquoise colour.

When I first put this on my nails I was obsessed. it is just soooo pretty! The application is really simple but you have to remember do it over a container to catch all of the excess balls. These can then be put back in the bottle for the next use. I painted a base coat of essie’s blanc and then left to dry. I then painted a second coat on each nail individually. Quickly u sprinkled the beads over the nail and then pressed down on them with my finger ever so slightly to set them in place.


There is the downside though… After 10 minutes they are so annoying!! I ended up picking them off within an hour.


This is a great mani if you were going out for the night and wanted something gorgeous and dramatic. Otherwise it is a bit of a nightmare for a day to day basis.

I regret nothing.

Orly Nail Art

Another one to add to the pile!


I have literally just done these babies! They turned out so well that I couldn’t wait to blog about them! This is the first time that I have really used Orly polishes and I have to admit that I quite like them! The couple that I have are minis which my lovely friend Sam gave me as a Christmas present – the babe! The colours are Faint of Heart and Prelude to a Kiss. You definitely need 2 coats for full opacity. I used Glistening Snow from China Glaze for the sparkle



This is a bit of a mishmash design. I knew I wanted polkadots but having them on only 2 fingers looked a bit daft so I jazzed them up with a glitter tip!

I am so chuffed with these! Even more so because I was having a pretty rubbish night when I decided to go to bed, do my nails and watch The Mentalist. Ian is away in nightshift which I absolutely hate. He is so inconsiderate saving lives through the night! Just goes to show that have pretty nails can really turn a frown upside down 🙂

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Duck egg and gold nail art

Here comes one of my many, many backlogged nail art designs. This one is pretty recent but I wish I had thought ahead and taken more detailed pictures!

I really like this bad boy! Duck egg blue is like one of my favourite colours. The accents in my livingroom are even that colour! I especially love it paired with gold (it was my theme for decorating my Christmas tree)

This was also my first time trying out leopard print which as u can see will take a bit of practice!

I used 2 Barry M colours for this nail art – number 320 in gold from the foil effects range and 245 from the Christmas 2012 collection. I really like the Barry M polishes! They are a great price and the brushes are easy to work with. I would highly recommend this brand if you want to start building a collection on a budget. For both colours I used 2 coats as u feel that this gives a more intense colour and evens the whole thing out. The 245 is an amazing colour on its own with a shimmer through it. You kinda get an idea what it looks like from the lid but obviously it’s not exactly like that cause nail polish cant become 3D (much to my disappoint). I used a black nail art stripper for the accent on the leopard print and then sprinkled 2 glitters from the Andrea Fulerton range of nail art supplies which are great!

You can get all the supplies for this from Superdrug for under £11 apart from the topcoat which is China Glaze! It’s my favourite topcoat of the moment!

As you can see i had a small incident with a jumper so there is a pattern stamped on my thumb nail. It was also dark outside when I took the photos so I do apologise, but I like doing my nails to relax at night. I wish I had thought to take some in natural light as these pictures really don’t do the glitters, which I layered, any justice!

Justice for Glitter – now there’s a group I could be a part of.

Times they are a changing

Last year was a year of change. I finished my degree, moved to Glasgow from Aberdeen and got a job straight out of uni which I was the last one to expect! I also moved in with my man-friend, Ian, who tries to save lives as a day job and in his downtime is a professional pain in my ass. Our little family was blessed with the arrival of Khal Drogo, or Drogo to his friends, who is the cutest little hamster with the biggest balls that you have ever seen on a rodent. Like seriously they are massive.

A big part of last year was also finding a hobby… Well hobbies. Being in Glasgow and not really knowing anyone was tricky, I won’t lie. So I was proactive and instead of sulking and crying about not having any friends (don’t get me wrong I still made some time for it) I decided to have lots and lots of me time.

I have always loved painting my nails. My friends credits me with teaching her how to paint her nails properly when we were 14. So on the days that Ian was working, before I started my job, I would paint my nails. Then do them again and again until they turned yellow from the lack of sunlight. I took photos of each design and I hope to upload them to here at some point.

My job can be quite creative at times and this inspired me to start “Amy’s Homemade Christmas.” I took it upon myself to make lots of different crafty things for decorations and presents. I also hope to add these things to this blog because I am awfully proud of them!

I have rattled on quite a bit but hopefully after reading this you sort of understand where I am coming from. So check back regularly, bookmark me, tweet me @AmyBerry_ whatever! I will reply to everyone, espesh trolls


I know, I know but I have a penchant for confrontation.

Oh I also play World of Warcraft mainly as a level 86 Worgen Death Knight. Yes, that’s right I am a Warcrafting-Crafter. And probably not the first. Or the last.


One post every 3 weeks? Unacceptable.

I suck at blogging. Funnily enough my New Years res was to actually blog more so I have already failed. Resolutions are balls.

I have an exciting week all planned so at least I have something to write about… More on that once it happens and I have fantastic pictures!

For now I will leave you with a picture of one of my favourite nail art designs that I have ever done… Pokemon!! I was obsessed as a child, as I’m sure many of you were too. I once tried to sell my brother for a shiny Charizard. My mum went berserk.


Anyway I think this looks much harder than it was! I hand painted the faces of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle on my fingers and then slapped a Pokeball on my thumb cause I hate Ash. I think this is mega cute and I got a tonne of compliments from ladies in shops once they realised what they were. It’s a pretty shocking picture but I imagine I will do this one again, maybe as a tutorial, with better photos! I love it!!!

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