An Excellent Valentines Gift

Guess which lucky girl was given the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette as an early Valentine’s Day present… YEAH IT’S ME! I had to have a go at photographing it cause it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! Loads of lush pinky tones that somehow manage to look decent even on my pale-ass skin. I can’t wait to bust […]

My Favourite Hand Creams

Is it just me who’s hands become almost reptilian during colder months? If you’re in the same boat, or you just really like looking at creams (behave), then this post might just be right up your street. I was cleaning out my handbag the other day and discovered that I was carrying about 4 DIFFERENT […]

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

I received my first set of Ojon products about 5 years ago and I have used them on and off ever since. One of my favourite products, and one that has lasted me the longest, is the Restorative Hair Treatment so I thought I would do a review! It was actually my Grandma who brought […]

Autumn Wish List

Can you feel it? Autumn is definitely upon us and I for one couldn’t be more excited! You can keep your sweaty summers; this girl is all about the long nights in a onesie. With all this in mind I thought I would do wish list post with an autumnal theme! I never really do […]

August Birchbox Review

warning: this will be a long one I am a bad lady and never posted a July Birchbox review… BUT THERE’S A REASON. I felt that all I talked about was Birchbox this and Birchbox that, which is all well and fine, but this blog is about more than beauty products. We here be crafters […]

DIY Magnetic Make Up Board

I am really excited about this post because it means that I am finally getting something that I have been dreaming of for years – a dedicated make up room! Well… When I say room I really mean cupboard. It’s totally fine though as I happen to like confined spaces 🙂 In our new house, […]

Rimmel Make Up for a £1!

Recently I have started reading more and more about Poundland stocking branded make-up! I love a bargain so thought I would go and check out their offerings – I was not disappointed. I went to the store in East Kilbride and I was really impressed with the selection of things that they had! There was […]

A Right Nail Horror Show

There has been a severe lack of nail polish and nail art posts on this here blog as of late. Don’t worry; I’ve not abandoned my roots! I still cherish my polish stash and love painting my nails, however my nails don’t seem to love me back 😦 3 weeks ago I removed the remnants […]