Bad Ass Cross Stitch

In my quest for craft domination I’ve been trying out lots of different crafty things – one of them being cross stitch. When I first thought of cross stitch and embroidery I was pretty hesitant to even try it. I imagined fuddy-duddy flowers and boring ‘Home Sweet Home’ motifs but after a little bit of research […]

Sew Your Own Wardrobe FAIL

It’s true, I’m a failure! I have not managed to complete my monthly make for my sew your own wardrobe challenge 😦 It’s been quite a busy month and although I did manage to make half a toile of my dress, I only actually managed to cut out the pieces for the real thing. I’m […]

My Chevron Obsession: DIY Painted Chevron Canvas

This blog and post is now available on the all new! Click here to continue reading on our new site 🙂   I’ve gone a bit mad with chevrons. I know I’m a bit late to this particular trendy party but we shall press on. Through my Pinterest escapades I have discovered a multitude […]