Living Room Revamp: Mood Board

The time has come to decorate my house! Now, I wish I could tell you that I have BIG remodeling-painting-walls-cray-cray-colours plans but I live in a rented house so that won’t be the story. I’m very thankful that just before we moved in the whole house was given a fresh coat of white paint – […]

My First Patchwork Square!

That’s right, kids… I completed my first patchwork square! So psyched for this particular project as it’s a Christmas present for a member of my family who would rather be hit by a truck than read my blog (direct quote). That’s fine though as it means that I get to share it with you as […]

Making a Memory Shadow Box

“Gettin’ crafty wit it na na na na na na nah, na na na na na nah…” Too. Excited. About. Crafts. As you may know, I am moving into a new house in a few weeks’ time and I am in full nesting mode. I’ve always liked the thought of making keepsake boxes or scrapbooks of […]

Well I went and got myself a new theme.

I LOVE MY THEME. The old one was bugging my happiness for a while so I found this excellent one by Pachyderm. I think it’s total nectar. It came with a header image involving cutsie animals which were lovely but didn’t really go with me as a Blogger, so I binned them and I’m now planning […]