Sew Your Own Wardrobe

Hello my pretties!! I’m undertaking a very exciting project… Over the next 12 months I’m, going to attempt to sew my own wardrobe! What does this mean? Well every month I will make a piece of clothing for myself which I will obviously show on this here blog! I feel like this is the next […]

A New Sewing Shenannigan and Some Housekeeping!

If you haven’t read about the quilting class that I took last year then I strongly suggest that you do 🙂 We will all wait for you to catch up. …. Oh good! You’re back. Now that you know what I’m talking about you might be interested (ha) to know that I have started making a […]

Living Room Revamp: Mood Board

The time has come to decorate my house! Now, I wish I could tell you that I have BIG remodeling-painting-walls-cray-cray-colours plans but I live in a rented house so that won’t be the story. I’m very thankful that just before we moved in the whole house was given a fresh coat of white paint – […]

Cath Kidston SEW! and DIY Bag

For Christmas I was gifted the Cath Kidston Collection of books and last weekend I busted them out to make the free bag which came with the set! I read through the instructions and realised that I didn’t really understand a word of it! After furiously Googling the answer to my dilemma(s) I realised a […]