Happy Easter

Hopefully if you’re reading this you will have the day off like I do! HAPPY EASTER 😀 If you don’t recognise the holiday then happy staying-off-work-and-eating-so-much-chocolate-you-vom day! It’s a wonderful occasion. For me, today will be spent watching copious amounts of The Good Wife (what a lady!) while playing with my new dress form (minds […]

Cupcake Decorating Class

On Sunday Ian treated me to a cupcake decorating class at Sloans in Glasgow, hosted by the lovely Heather from A Little Promise. She makes the most wonderful cakes and in her class she passed on some handy tricks and tips for decorating cupcakes. In the 3 hour class we decorated 3 spring-themed cupcakes and […]

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today is the first time that it actually feels like spring to me. To clarify this point, I am dressed in spring-y clothes for work – cream top, mint green cardigan; the whole shebang. Tonight I even plan on giving myself an Easter Mani which may or may not include the use of chicks and […]