DIY Scandal Style

Do you watch Scandal? I’m actually obsessed with this show so if you don’t already watch, I highly recommend that you jump on this particular bandwagon! It follows Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) in her quest to ‘Fix’ the problems that plague the rich and powerful of Washington D.C and it just so happens […]

Colette Myrtle Dress

Hi Friends! Today’s agenda is pretty exciting… I made the Colette Myrtle dress and it turned out pretty well! Bit of back story: I decided that I wanted a Me-Made, capsule wardrobe for a trip to London at the beginning of November so I’ve been slaving away at my machine making a glorious capsule wardrobe. […]

Sew Your Own Wardrobe: July

Happy July my lovelies! I hope the weather today is a taste of things to come for the rest of the month! I’m back with another instalment of my Sew Your Own Wardrobe series and I have to say that I’m pretty excited about this one! One of my friends from school is getting married […]

Happy Easter

Hopefully if you’re reading this you will have the day off like I do! HAPPY EASTER 😀 If you don’t recognise the holiday then happy staying-off-work-and-eating-so-much-chocolate-you-vom day! It’s a wonderful occasion. For me, today will be spent watching copious amounts of The Good Wife (what a lady!) while playing with my new dress form (minds […]

Awards Season: The Golden Boldies

You might not know this but I am addicted to awards ceremonies. That’s right; the Oscars are my crack. So you can only imagine my delight at waking up yesterday morning to a whole host of articles related to the 2014 Golden Globes! There’s nothing better than giving an in-depth critique of the red carpet […]

Christmas Countdown: The Party Season

This post is part of my Christmas Countdown series and you can read the previous post here Hey kids! It’s that time of year where the social calendar really is bursting at the seams. There doesn’t seen to be a Saturday night free in the run up to Christmas. Pictures are taken and then instantly uploaded […]

Summer Heat Wave Saviours

Well I don’t know about you but this heat wave we’re having in the UK is KILLING ME. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sunshine and I’m making full use of having a convertible, but I really need a holiday from this heat. For the past month I haven’t been able to escape it. […]