Deal Alert: 2 Dine for £20 at M&S

Great news kids! Marks and Spencer has their super-awesome 2 dine in for £20 Valentines offer on again this year! If you’re struggling to find a reservation for Friday night or fancy doing something a bit different then why not cash in on this amazing deal and stay in with a delicious smorgasbord of treats. […]

Healthy Recipes

As part of my commitment (ahem) to Shaytober I’m on a healthy eating plan. I usually tend to eat quite well although there is always a crisp or a sweetie that sneaks in to my diet too often! This month I’m trying out some new ways to get a sugar fix without all of the […]

August Birchbox Review

warning: this will be a long one I am a bad lady and never posted a July Birchbox review… BUT THERE’S A REASON. I felt that all I talked about was Birchbox this and Birchbox that, which is all well and fine, but this blog is about more than beauty products. We here be crafters […]

‘You can Run!’ They said… ‘It will be easy!’ They said…

I am signed up to run 5Km on Sunday. This probably doesn’t seem like much to you regular people, and I envy you beyond comprehension if you can manage this with ease. I am afflicted with an allergy to exercise  Yes, it is a self-diagnosed allergy, but does that make it any less serious? Honestly, I […]