Christmas Gifts 2013!

It’s no secret that I love reading about what people receive for Birthday’s and Christmases so I thought I would share with you my own spoils! Before we go any further I just want to say that I know I am one lucky girl and my family really do spoil me rotten! First and foremost, […]

Christmas Countdown: Wrapping Theme

OH YES. I have officially wrapped every. single. present. How cute do they look underneath my tree! It’s almost a shame to give them away ha! It’s no secret that I love wrapping presents. I don’t know what it is! It’s always been a total passion of mine so you can only imagine how excited […]

Christmas Countdown: Dear Santa

Dear Santa, Please forgive my sporadic communications! I may only directly contact you once a year but be assured that you are in my thoughts most of the time. I love your work, by the way. You really did pull it out the bag last year was – truly spectacular – and you made this […]

Christmas Countdown: Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange

Remember a few weeks ago, before the madness of my Christmas Countdown, where I shared with you that I was taking part in the Craftaholics Anonymous Christmas Gift Exchange? Well I did it! It’s all over! The fat lady has sung! My gift has been delivered and I received a gift in return! Let’s go […]

Christmas Countdown: Epic Stocking Stuffer Guide

This post is part of my  Christmas Countdown Series and you can read the previous post here. I love a naff stocking stuffer! To me Christmas is not complete without a novelty gift or two. Some of the stuff gets looked at once then hidden in the back of a cupboard until you move house, but other […]