DIY Vanity Desk Makeover

Happy Monday guys! I usually deplore a Monday but today is different because I get to share with you the beginnings of a super-awesome-kick-ass DIY project! As you may know I have this odd cupboard little in my bedroom and when we moved in we I decided that it would make a great vanity closet! So, I […]

Sewing Tutorials for Beginners

Last week I talked about my new sewing machine which I am completely in love with! It is the Sy machine from Ikea and so far I cannot fault it. I think I’ve picked up the basic from following the instruction manual and now I’m ready for a project – enter the internet. I have […]

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Sew if I Want To…

Yay! My birthday is just around the corner and my super-sweet current squeeze gave me the gift of craftiness – a sewing machine! I had been looking at them forever and decided that there was no point in getting a fancy-smanchy one since I am a total beginner. I took to the blogisphere to look […]

Craft Supplies Haul

A while ago I posted that I was getting back to my crafty roots and oh boy am I! In the past month I have created Memory Shadow Boxes, a DIY Melted Crayon Canvas and another canvas with a nifty Chevron design. I have so many more projects coming up so definitely watch this space! […]