Best Nail Polish Collab Ever? Deborah Lippmann and True Blood

If ever there was a picture that showcased my passions in life, it would be the one above. Nail polish AND True Blood… you know I’m gonna be all up in that. For Christmas my gorj friend Sam gave me this lush set of polishes – she totally gets me! I would have loved them […]

Christmas Countdown: Festive Nail Art

  OH YEAH! It’s that time of year again where I pull out some festive nail art designs. I feel like I’ve went right back to my roots with this post! Gone are the days where the majority of my blog content consisted of pictures of my nails. I have to say that I got […]

The Moving Series: Moving Day!

It’s moving day!!! All hands are firmly on deck in the Boldly Gold household and moving fever has hit HARD. As you’re reading this I might be crying in a corner or in the process of wrapping Ian up in packing tape – it could go either way at this point. Thank you for joining […]

A Right Nail Horror Show

There has been a severe lack of nail polish and nail art posts on this here blog as of late. Don’t worry; I’ve not abandoned my roots! I still cherish my polish stash and love painting my nails, however my nails don’t seem to love me back 😦 3 weeks ago I removed the remnants […]

Polish Haul and Swatches!

Hello Chaps! Just a quickie while I’m on a tea break, I recently bought/received some new nail polished so thought I would do a little swatch post. I was also playing around with a new collage app on my phone called Moldiv which I am loving! I can’t choose which one of these is my […]

Birchbox UK #BBWanderlust Entry

I haven’t uploaded my June Birchbox review to Youtube just yet (May is JUST up), but *SPOILER ALERT* it’s AMAZING. Honestly, the best box that I’ve ever received. This month, Birchbox included with their box a competition to win 100 colour club polishes. This had my name written all over it! Funnily enough a Color […]