Project Life Organisation

So Project Life has basically taken over my actual life and I simply don’t give a damn – I LOVE IT! Honestly never thought I would be one for properly scrapbooking but how wrong I was. I have to say that this obsession has a lot to do with how simple Project life makes things, […]

November Pinterest Picks

It’s time for another Pinterest Picks Post! My love for Pinterest holds no bounds and I can easily spend hours at a time pinning away to my heart’s content. These specific pins show what I’m all about right now! First up is this Moroccan trellis print which I’m pretty much obsessed with. Could it be […]

The Moving Series: Cleaning House and Box Organising

I can’t believe that there’s only 1 week left until moving day! In this instalment of The Moving Series I will be chatting about cleaning and organising boxes… Don’t all rush at once now! It’s really crap but it’s a general requirement of all renting contracts that you leave your property in move-in condition. This […]

The Moving Series: Packing Up

I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks until moving day! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it 🙂 This week, I want to talk about packing. I love packing so this has been a complete joy for me. I associate packing with organising and who doesn’t love […]

The Moving Series: Bills, Bills, Bills

This is my Moving Series! Not sure what it is? Check out this post for info and this one for the previous instalment 🙂 Part 3: Bills Bills Bills We all hate them but they are a necessity of life. This post is dedicated to those pesky pieces of paper that slip through your letter box demanding money from […]