The Moving Series: Bonus Post!

Surprise! I’m back with a bonus post for The Moving Series! I know, I’m too good to you. I thought it would be nice to share a few pictures of my wonderful new home and some of the challenges we faced over the first full week living there. Right off the bat, I just want […]

The Moving Series: Moving Day!

It’s moving day!!! All hands are firmly on deck in the Boldly Gold household and moving fever has hit HARD. As you’re reading this I might be crying in a corner or in the process of wrapping Ian up in packing tape – it could go either way at this point. Thank you for joining […]

The Moving Series: Cleaning House and Box Organising

I can’t believe that there’s only 1 week left until moving day! In this instalment of The Moving Series I will be chatting about cleaning and organising boxes… Don’t all rush at once now! It’s really crap but it’s a general requirement of all renting contracts that you leave your property in move-in condition. This […]

The Moving Series: Packing Up

I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks until moving day! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it 🙂 This week, I want to talk about packing. I love packing so this has been a complete joy for me. I associate packing with organising and who doesn’t love […]

The Moving Series: Planning The Move

We’re plodding along through these short weeks and now it’s time to start actually planning moving day! As I’ve said in a previous post, we will be moving out of the flat and into the new house all within the space of 4 days. It’s quite a tight turnaround especially when you consider that we […]

The Moving Series: Building A Timeling

We are T-4 weeks until moving day!! The Fear has officially sunk in. Fortunately, I’m able to take a few days off word for the actual move so we won’t have to cram everything in over the course of a single weekend. Still, the thought of this gives me heart palpitations, so in an effort […]

The Moving Series: Bills, Bills, Bills

This is my Moving Series! Not sure what it is? Check out this post for info and this one for the previous instalment 🙂 Part 3: Bills Bills Bills We all hate them but they are a necessity of life. This post is dedicated to those pesky pieces of paper that slip through your letter box demanding money from […]

The Moving Series: Where to Begin

Welcome back to my Moving Series! Not sure what this is? Read this post to find out more. Part 2: Where to Begin Well we have just given notice to our letting agent and the papers for the new house will be signed imminently. We will officially be leaving the flat on the 2nd of […]