A New Sewing Shenannigan and Some Housekeeping!

If you haven’t read about the quilting class that I took last year then I strongly suggest that you do šŸ™‚ We will all wait for you to catch up. …. Oh good! You’re back. Now that you know what I’m talking about you might be interestedĀ (ha) to know that I have started making a […]

Quilting and Patchwork Class!

Howdy folks! If you read this post the other day then you might know that Iā€™ve started a quilting and patchwork course at my local college! No, Iā€™m not a pensionerā€¦ I just happen to enjoy a good craft! For my Birthday in August, Ian gave me my first sewing machine and since then Iā€™ve […]

I hate bloggers who don’t post regularly…

This is me right now. I have had, like, zero time to do anything other than work at my real job and sleep for the past few weeks – it’s been totally manic. So, now that everything has calmed right down again (thank christ) I am able to all of the blogging thatĀ I’veĀ neglected. To kick-start […]

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today is the first time that it actually feels like spring to me. To clarify this point, I am dressed in spring-y clothes for work ā€“ cream top, mint green cardigan; the whole shebang. Tonight I even plan on giving myself an Easter Mani which may or may not include the use of chicks and […]